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Test & Evaluation

Action Technologies Test and Evaluation (T&E) professionals perform in a variety of technical, analytical and programmatic areas to meet customer's expectations and engineering requirements.


Our T&E professionals offer on-site technical, process, administrative, budget and cost analysis support as well as requirement studies.


Services offered by our T&E Professionals are:

  • Calibration Repair Services

  • Test Operations/Launch Support 

  • Weapon System Testing Support and Analysis 

  • Developmental, Technical, and Operational Testing 

  • Test Programmatic Planning and Test Event Planning 

  • Pre-mission Predictions and Analyses 

  • Test Integration 

  • Onsite Test Support and Quicklook Analysis 

  • Post-test Detailed Analyses 

  • Post Test Reconstruction Using Modeling and Simulation 

  • Test Infrastructure Development 

  • Test Software Tools Development 




Our thorough understanding of T&E allows us to identify key solutions that improve business practices while saving time and money for our customers.




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