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What’s included with the virtual accounting services?
Each service level includes: systems setup and training, financial statement preparation, periodic check-in/review sessions (either monthly or quarterly), data backup, fixed rate pricing, and ongoing support.

What level of service is right for my business?
P&C offers several levels of service to meet a variety of needs….to meet our customers where they are.

What accounting software do you use? Do you use QuickBooks? Or do you use something else?
Since we are virtual accounting firm, our preference is QuickBooks…therefore, our software of choice is QuickBooks, but since we will be doing everything for you, you won’t need to be in the actual accounting software very much at all.

What makes the levels of service different?
There are three main differences in the levels of services: (1) frequency of data entry, (2) frequency of reporting and (3) accounting basis.

  • Frequency of data entry may be daily, monthly or quarterly.

  • Frequency of reporting may be monthly or quarterly.

  • Accounting basis may be cash-basis or accrual-basis.

What do you do besides accounting? Do you have other services for small businesses?

We offer other services for small business such as cost proposal, business certifications, etc. You can add-on any of our other services. No problem.

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