Offering expertise and global resources in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, providing “de-bugging" services at venues around the world.

Action Technologies is experienced in identifying technical and physical security vulnerabilities to include; monitoring of Radio Frequency (RF) signals, site surveys, and performing physical inspections, enhancing the overall security posture.

Our Security Specialist, most with over 25 years, have direct military experience in detecting, deterring, isolating and nullifying technical surveillance penetrations directed at classified and sensitive, unclassified information and technical security hazards within government facilities.  

Our team is familiar with using government TSCM equipment and some of the most sophisticated and highest grade technologies and specialized equipment in the industry today

  • Oscar Blue Countermeasures Receiver
  • DART Countermeasures Receiver
  • Talon Telephone Analyzer
  • Orion HGO-4000
  • Fluke OPTIVIEW
  • FLIR T-400
  • Acoustic Noise Generator 2200
  • LOGOS Portable X-Ray System
  • CPM 700